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Tuxedo Rental Mesa AZ

While everyone focuses their attention on the wedding gown the bride wears for the wedding, we should also pay attention to the suits on the groom and his ushers. Selecting the right wedding tuxedo is very important for the groom. See below for more information and guidance on men's wedding formal wear in Mesa, AZ.

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Selecting Men's Formalwear for a Wedding Day

By Rose Smith
©All rights reserved, 2004

Have you ever noticed that weddings seem to be all about the bride? There's information available for the wedding dress, shoes, makeup and accessories. But...what about the groom and his ushers? After all, they need to wear something to the wedding too!

So, what should the groom (and his attendants) be wearing to a wedding? In most cases, it depends on the time of day that the wedding is to take place. If the wedding is to be a very formal evening affair, a tuxedo is required. For a morning or afternoon wedding, the attire of the men will depend more upon a combination of preferance and the type of wedding theme you've chosen.

For example, the groom should not be showing up in a formal black tuxedo for a wedding on the beach. A lightweight and lighter color suit would be more appropriate. If you're planning a very casual wedding, then lightweight dress pants, shirt, tie (optional) and blazer would be appropriate as well.

The groom, father-of-the-bride, and groomsmen should all visit a professional formalwear shop for guidance and information on the type of attire that is available. Most men don't realize just how many decisions go into choosing a wedding suit or tuxedo. You'll need to choose from single-breasted and double-breasted jackets; collars that are peaked, notched or shawl; cummerbund or vest; bow tie, ascot (these are double-knot ties with ends folded over) or a casual tie.

Also, it's very important that everything coordinates with the attire of the bride and bridesmaids, so make sure you know exactly what they will be wearing and the colors chosen. (Take a fabric sample or a picture of the dresses).

Unless you plan on attending a lot of formal occassions after the marriage, most men are better off renting their formalwear as opposed to buying it. There are a lot of men's stores that carry large selections of wedding attire and they will do alterations on rented suits. However, before you rent anything, make sure you know what comes with the package. Do you need to buy the cummerbund and/or vest? Are the shoes included? What about the tie and shirt? Make sure you get a written receipt that states what is and is not included in the rental.

The groom and other gentlemen should be measured for their suits approximately three months before the wedding. For any groomsmen who live out of town, they can go to a local shop for measurements, then send the information to the groom so he can set up the rental. Please make sure your ushers understand that they are not to make their own rental arrangements in another city. You will have no way of knowing if they actually picked the correct suit, color, or accessories until they show up for the wedding, at which point you will have one very unhappy bride - not a good thing!

The groom should look after all the rental arrangements at one store only. Any groomsmen coming from out of town should arrive at least 2 to 3 days before the wedding for...

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